The Acceptability and Efficacy of Electronic Data Collection in a Hospital Neurodevelopmental Clinic: Pilot Questionnaire Study

Shrujna Patel, Kelsie Ann Boulton, Marie Antoinette Hodge, Angela Papanicolaou, Diana Barnett, Beverley Bennett, Suzi Drevensek, Jane Cramsie, Kalaichelvi Ganesalingam, Natalie Ong, Magdalen Rozsa, Natalie Silove, Rebecca Sutherland, Adam Guastella

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Background: There is a growing need for cost-efficient and patient-centered approaches to support families in hospital-and community-based neurodevelopmental services. For such purposes, electronic data collection (EDC) may hold advantages over paper-based data collection. Such EDC approaches enable automated data collection for scoring and interpretation, saving time for clinicians and services and promoting more efficient service delivery. Objective: This pilot study evaluated the efficacy of EDC for the Child Development Unit, a hospital-based diagnostic assessment clinic in the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network. Caregiver response rates and preference for EDC or paper-based methods were evaluated as well as the moderating role of demographic characteristics such as age, level of education, and ethnic background. Methods: Families were sent either a paper-based questionnaire via post or an electronic mail link for completion before attending their first on-site clinic appointment for assessment. A total of 62 families were provided a paper version of the questionnaire, while 184 families were provided the online version of the same questionnaire. Results: Completion rates of the questionnaire before the first appointment were significantly higher for EDC (164/184, 89.1%) in comparison to paper-based methods (24/62, 39%; P<. 001). Within the EDC group, a vast majority of respondents indicated a preference for completing the questionnaire online (151/173, 87.3%), compared to paper completion (22/173, 12.7%; P<. 001). Of the caregiver demographic characteristics, only the respondent’s level of education was associated …
Original languageEnglish
Article numbere18214
Pages (from-to)1-9
Number of pages9
JournalJMIR formative research
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 19 Jan 2021


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