Trans and gender diverse work experiences and career development in the Australian work environment

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Examining the work experiences and career development of trans and gender diverse (TGD)
individuals, relations with organisational conditions, as well as connections of workplace values
reveal enablers and barriers for TGD work engagement and career trajectory. The corpus of
literature in organisation and management studies revealed a gap of knowledge regarding the work
experiences of TGD people in organisations, as well as their inclusion in organisational decisionmaking and workplace culture. The theoretical concept of critical performativity in Critical
Management Studies shall be extended by considerations of materiality and embodiment
concerning work-gender-identity relations. This research utilises a qualitative multi-method study
design. That includes semi-structured online interviews with TGD individuals to explore the
participants TGD-specific experiences with respect to their workforce and career development
experiences. This was followed by a photo-elicit open-ended questionnaire with organisation and
management personnel of various businesses to evaluate the awareness of enablers and barriers
for TGD individuals in the organisational context. The insight gained from the research identifies
numerous enablers and barriers concerning organisational structures, policies, and work values that
are influential in organisational gender diversity and inclusivity of TGD employees. This in turn leads
to the provision of practical recommendations concerning language use, work practices and
arrangements that should be considered and implemented in organisations moving forward.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of Gender and Sexuality at Work: A Multidisciplinary Research and Engagement Conference
EditorsVictor Sojo, Melissa Wheeler, Michelle Ryan
PublisherUniversity of Melbourne
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - 16 Apr 2022


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