Waka Ŋurrkanhayngu - Regenerating the Existence of Life Working Together Two-way

Petra Buergelt, Lawurrpa Elaine Maypilama, Yuŋgirrŋa Dorothy Bukulatjpi, Rosemary Guŋdjarranbuy, James Bayon, James Gunitjawuy Gondurra, Evelyn Djotja, Douglas Paton, Stephen Sutton, Alice McCarthy, James A Smith, Rowan Bedggood, Duncan Poulson

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The multiple crises we are experience are both a threat to our existence and an opportunity to regenerate and even transform our existence. Restoring the health of all creatures including humans and our planet requires us transforming in ways that enable us to live again in harmony with nature. Being able to do so necessitates walking two intertwined transformative pathways. The first pathway entails becoming conscious of the multitude of ways in which the Western culture and society have and still are disconnecting us from us having deep relations with and understanding of our interconnectedness with nature, the invisible feminine spiritual world, our ancestors, and the ancient Indigenous LAW that creates a culture and society that ensures the health of all creatures. The second pathway involves remembering, reconnecting with, reviving and living according to our true primordial sacred nature, the invisible spiritual world, our ancestors, and ancient Indigenous LAW. We – Yolŋu from diverse Clans living in the very remote community Galiwin’ku in Arnhem Land (NT) and Western allies from different organisations and countries – are walking both pathways together long-term two-way to facilitate Yolŋu reviving and strengthening living their Yolŋu Rom or LAW to heal and to regenerate Indigenous capacities that enable harmonious living and health holistically. This regenerating will also reduce the risk of ‘natural’ and social disasters. We are offering the holistic knowledges we co-created thus far in this AIATSIS funded project. We will share about how we are working together two-way, what strengthens and what weakens Yolŋu, and pathways for Yolŋu reviving and strengthening what strengths Yolŋu and removing what weakens Yolŋu. We hope that us sharing will increase recognition of the sophistication and value of Indigenous cultures, and inspire other Indigenous and Western peoples to walk with us two-way and long-term to regenerate the existence of life.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 2022
EventHealthy Environments and Lives (HEAL): Transformational Change for Environmental, Planetary, and Human Health - Online with hubs in Australia state capital cities
Duration: 23 Nov 202224 Nov 2022


ConferenceHealthy Environments and Lives (HEAL)
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