Weird Adelaide: A tribute to Barbara Hanrahan

Caren Florance, Tracy Crisp, Simone Tippett, Vicki Reynolds

Research output: Textual Creative WorksOther contribution


Folio of prints by 13 artists and short stories by Tracy Crisp. Typesetting and design by Caren Florance. Project managers Simone Tippett and Vicki Reynolds. Images by Sue Garrard, Sally Heinrich, Jake Holmes, Lloma Mackenzie, Lorelei Medcalf, Vicki Reynolds, Joshua Searson, Izabella Shaw, Lucy Timbrell, Simone Tippett, Damien Warman, Bridgitte Williams, Georgina Willoughby.
Original languageEnglish
TypePrint Folio
Media of outputPrintmaking
PublisherUnion Street Printmakers
Number of pages22
Place of PublicationAdelaide, SA
Publication statusPublished - 2021


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