A role study of teacher librarians in government schools in the Australian Capital Territory

  • Christopher Pratt

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    This field study examines the acceptance of role behaviours by teacher librarians in A.C.T. government schools and what influences that acceptance. Acceptance of behaviours is measured by an instrument compiled and developed through factor analysis for this field study. The influences examined are a series of environmental (context) and personal (presage) variables. Data are gathered through survey and questionnaire. Hypotheses are tested initially with product moment correlations, and examined in more detail with partial correlations designed to control the influence of extraneous variables. The attitudes of teacher librarians to classroom teaching practices are also related to both acceptance of role behaviours and the presage and context variables. Results indicate that context variables are least important in influencing acceptance of role behaviours, while the education and library training of the teacher librarian are the most important of the presage variables examined. Teacher librarians are found to be particularly reluctant to accept leadership behaviours.
    Date of Award1982
    Original languageEnglish

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