Access to and awareness of further education on Eyre Peninsula

  • Michael J. Mulvihill

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    By using an interview survey of 30 randomly selected residents of Port Lincoln and the same number of persons from a country section of the Eyre Peninsula Community College region, an attempt has been made to ascertain profiles of participants and non-participants in adult education along with reasons for non-participation. It was assumed that lack of awareness of educational provision would be a major barrier to access and so a significant part of the study was addressed to this aspect. The town of Port Lincoln was considered separately from the rest of the Region because of the assumption that access and awareness were likely to be at a lower level amongst those persons in the more remote areas of the region. Assumptions that underpinned the proposal were: that Technical and Further Education was important, that community awareness of T.A.F.E. was therefore desirable and that barriers existed that precluded a significant section of the community participating in these activities.
    Date of Award1981
    Original languageEnglish

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