ACT self-government - the impact on preschool education : a study of the impact on preschool education of changes in administrative arrangements following the implementation of ACT self-government

  • Lynne Reeder

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The advent of self-government to the Australian Capital Territory has fundamentally altered the structure of its financial, administrative, political and community life. This thesis examines the impact of these changes on a particular section of the ACT education system - preschools. It is argued that the culture of preschools in Canberra has been formed through the political and social development of Canberra. It examines the nature and consequences of changes to the administration of preschools, and analyses the impact of those changes on preschool executive officers and teachers. The changes are viewed against the traditional and contemporary approaches to early childhood education. The study found that the newly established financial constraints and the associated “leaner” administrative structure were creating a feeling of isolation for many of the teaching staff. The study also found that implementation of some of the administrative developments under discussion have the potential to vary substantially the basic concept of preschools. The study concludes that, now more than ever, administrators and teachers in the early childhood field need to be very clear as to what they expect from early childhood education and when examining the evolving administrative arrangements they should do so from a sound philosophical base.
    Date of Award1992
    Original languageEnglish

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