A.C.T. Teachers Federation,1972-1976 : development and activities : research report

  • G. J. McNeill

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The A.C.T. Teachers' Federation was formed at a mass meeting of teachers in the Canberra Workmens' Club on August 3rd 1972. Its structure was strongly conditioned by the N.S.W. background of many of those who played a role in its early affairs. Changes which have taken place since then have been influenced by the environment within which it operates. It soon obtained, and held, a large proportion of its potential membership. The internal organisation enabled the leadership to keep in touch with rank and file opinion and ensured that democratic practices were observed. It was fortunate in that a legitimate role had been established in Australia for pressure groups and that the governments it dealt with in its early days were prepared to acknowledge its authority to speak for teachers. It was able to take advantage of the opportunities made available to it and to play a prominent part in the early policy formation in a new system. The evolving system was based on a participatory model and the Federation gained access to all major decision centres. It retained, its right, however, to operate outside formal consultative forums and to engage in direct bargaining when necessary.
    Date of Award1979
    Original languageEnglish

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