Adult learning fundamentals and adult learning environment : a study of vocational learning in ACTTAFE

  • I. L. Turk

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    Published research in Behavioural Sciences has indicated that there are some business and work environments which are more effective for the attainment of managerial objectives than others. In this study these research findings have been applied to learning activities of mature vocational students in TAFE in Canberra and to their teachers. Learning processes, learning theories and teaching are discussed. Teacher-student relationships and their impact on learning by creating sound learning environments are examined and a model of sound learning environment is created. This model is tested by investigation with final year certificate students. The impact of the model on teacher selection and teacher education is included in the discussion of results. The principal conclusion which can be drawn from the Study is that the sort of environment, which has been shown to be most effective in achievement of managerial objectives is also likely to be the most effective in achieving educational objectives for adult vocational students.
    Date of Award1981
    Original languageEnglish

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