An analysis of call and implications for Indonesia

  • Hananto

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    Computers have begun to be exploited for English teaching purposes by some Indonesian teachers. Unfortunately, the potential of the computer is not fully realized. There is also a danger that the computer is misused. For example, the computer use is limited to delivering exclusively drill-and-practice exercises. It is, therefore, very essential for Indonesian EFL teachers to explore avenues for improving the computer use. The aim of this study is explore how CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) is used in the ACT in order to encourage and improve the use of CALL in relation to English teaching in Indonesia. In this study, the different theories of CALL are reviewed. This is followed by a description of how CALL is utilized in the ACT. This CALL survey is offered as a model for comparison. Since CALL is still considered a controversial issue, students’ and teachers’ attitudes toward CALL are also investigated. Finally, implications and suggestions are put forward for Indonesian EFL teachers and educational authorities. Important insights from the survey are emphasized. Necessary information which was not found in the survey, such as the latest developments in CALL, is included.
    Date of Award1992
    Original languageEnglish

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