An exploratory study on the use of automatic data processing in school administration and its applicability for use in the administration of Charnwood Primary School

  • John Griffin

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The study examines the use of automatic data processing in educational organisations for the purpose of determining the feasibility of using some ADP applications in the administration of a large urban ACT primary school. Educational managers working in primary schools are required to make decisions which draw upon information concerning the student population, school curriculum, school personnel and general school administration. An analysis of the decision making areas of Charnwood Primary School is undertaken and the information required for making each decision is identified. The concept of using a database to provide some of this information is explored and suggested as being an effective means of managing student data. Some equipment options which would enable a primary school to implement a database and provide word processing facilities are examined within a context of limited resources. The capacities and advantages of using computer equipment, which is presently accessible to schools are outlined, along with the feasibility of employing the services of a data processing agency. The conclusion is reached that there are a number of ADP applications applicable for use at Charnwood Primary School, as well as a number of other computer based facilities, such as word processing and plant management. The downward price spiral of computer equipment will enable most primary schools to use computer facilities for school administration within the next five years.
    Date of Award1984
    Original languageEnglish

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