Characteristics of the literature used by researchers in Indonesian economics, Indonesian agricultural development economics, and Indonesian demography at the Australian National University with reference to their theses submitted in the period between 1971 and 1981

  • Soejono

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The main objective of this study is to examine the characteristics, of the literature of Indonesian Economics, Indonesian Agricultural Development Economics, and Indonesian Demography. The data used are the references made by Ph.D. and Master’s candidates in these three subject fields in their theses, which were submitted to the Australian National university during the period from 1971 to 1981. At first the references were examined according to four researcher groups PhDs in Indonesia economics (PhD IndEc) ; Masters of Agricultural Development Economics (MADE), with Indonesia as the subject area; PhDs in demography (PhD Demog) with Indonesia as the subject area; Masters of Arts in Demography (MAD), with Indonesia as the subject area. The results indicate that the literature referred to by the four researcher groups has many of the same characteristics, as well as a high degree of relationship amongst them. Therefore, the references made by the four researcher groups were combined. In total, there were 5235 references from 42 theses. It was found. that 54.48% of the references were to monographs and 44.85% were to serials. Academic research centres, which contributed 21.32% to the literature of the four researcher groups, constituted the major source institution, slightly above the contribution of commercial publishers. The United States was the most important source country, contributing 35.28% ; and Indonesia was the second most important, contributing 25 .86%. The main language used was English, accounting for 82.35% ; with Indonesian the second, accounting for 15.01%. Materials of up to 10 years old accounted. for 68.41% of the total.
    Date of Award1984
    Original languageEnglish

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