Children's comments on stories : a study of the propositions about evaluating and composing stories advanced by eight and eleven year old children

  • Vaughan Croucher

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The purpose of this study was to investigate children's
    comments on stories. Through a series of interviews the study
    sought to elicit comments from six 8 year old and six 11 year
    old children on evaluating literature, both their own and
    others and on how they compose stories. A classification
    system was applied to these comments so as to represent them as
    set of propositions, constructs or concerns about evaluating
    and composing stories. The system of classification applied
    was derived from the children's comments rather than use
    pre-determined categories. Propositions for evaluation were
    represented as a list of 'traits' and those for composing as a
    list of 'facets of the composing process.'
    These propositions were then compared and contrasted by age and
    mode (evaluation of reading or writing and comments on
    composing). This analysis led to the identification of some
    common concerns and patterns of response as well as
    distinctions according to age and the topic discussed.
    Video taped writing episodes were used to investigate the
    composing process. The children were asked to comment whilst
    writing and this was replayed for them to invite further
    comment and explanation. All other interviews were recorded on
    audio tape.
    Finally consideration is given to further applications of the
    analysis and methodology to children's comments.
    Date of Award1984
    Original languageEnglish

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