Conceptualising and Validating Measurement Scales For Supplier Social Responsibility (SSR)

  • Jakir Talukder

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    In spite of its critical role in the efficient and effective functioning of marketing
    systems, supplier social responsibility (SSR) remains as a neglected topic in the extant
    literature, particularly in the context of developing countries. While there have been
    some general discussions in the extant literature on this topic, academic research into
    the conceptualisation and measurement mechanism for this vital topic is scant. This
    research addresses this unexplored subject within the social responsibility domain in
    terms of conceptualising and identifying the underlying dimensions of SSR. The aim
    is to develop and validate scales for measuring supplier social responsibility. To this
    end, this study scanned and reviewed the relevant literature to understand the possible
    dimensions underlying supplier social responsibility. The study then utilised nine initial
    dimensions emerging from the literature as well as from the author’s professional and
    research experience.
    The database used in this research comprises 202 responses of garment
    manufacturers operating in Bangladesh. A mixed method approach comprising both
    qualitative and quantitative techniques is used to analyse the data using approaches
    and techniques employed in prior scale development literature. The preliminary scales
    and items representing the scales are refined first via the qualitative technique (e,g.,
    focus group, expert opinion, face validity) and then refined through a pilot study
    followed by validation of the scales with sophisticated statistical techniques such as
    structural equation modelling (SEM). The research phase resulted in the emergence
    of ten scales: legal compliance-based supplies, ethics oriented supplies,
    environmentally friendly supplies, supply of healthy products, disseminating correct information to buyers, community welfare driven supplies, supply of safe products,
    buyer social demand-based supplies, sustainable supplies, and community
    philanthropy-driven supplies. In the final validation process, one of the nine initial
    scales (community-driven supplies) re-emerged into two scales ‘community welfare-driven
    supplies’ and ‘community philanthropy-driven supplies. They are included in the
    ten final validated scales of supplier social responsibility. This research establishes
    these ten measurements scales and introduces them to the literature to fill the gap in
    the measurement mechanism of supplier social responsibility, principally to advance
    research in this nascent area. Theoretical and practical implications of this research
    along with the limitations as well as future research directions of this topic are
    highlighted in the thesis.
    Date of Award2020
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorAli Quazi (Supervisor), Johra Fatima (Supervisor) & Abu Mollik (Supervisor)

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