Developing performance confidence : a holistic training strategies program for managing practice and performance in music

  • Carmel Liertz

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The thesis aims to address a perceived gap in the training and development of music performers, namely the lack of a practical strategies framework for developing performance confidence, especially self-efficacy (situational self-confidence) in music performance. To this end, a Training Program with Training Manual was designed to assist musicians in the management of practice and performance, using a framework of six integrative mental and physical strategies taken from Sport Performance and applied to Music Performance. Five musicians trialled the Training Program for five weeks. Five individual case studies were constructed to explore and interpret the musicians' practice and performance experiences before and after using the Training Program / Manual. Analyses of in-depth interviews and a follow-up questionnaire revealed that the Training Program had produced positive changes in mental and physical behaviour, along with increased concentration ability and coping skills in stressful situations, resulting in a sense of control in performance. A cross-case analysis revealed that the shared issues of significance for the musicians were Concentration, Stress and Lifestyle Practices, and Sense of Control in practice and performance. This qualitative study demonstrates that a training program addressing the lifestyle context of music performance is beneficial for practice and the lead-up to performance. Confidence in playing ability develops, when practice and performance are perceived to be effectively self-managed and practice becomes a positive experience. The findings of this study suggest the need for a holistic approach to music performance, based on awareness of the mind-body connections involved in performance.
    Date of Award2002
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorCarole Kayrooz (Supervisor), Barbara Chevalier (Supervisor), Chris Higgisson (Supervisor), Barbara Pamphilon (Supervisor) & Ruth Shrensky (Supervisor)

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