Education planning in the Maldives : a small island state's perspective

  • Ibrahim Ismail

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    This thesis examines the appropriateness of the current secondary school curriculum in the Republic of Maldives within an overall context of national education and development planning. Emphasis is placed on access to secondary education by all. In pursuing this aim, data was gathered on aspects of the economy and demography of the country as well as government policy on education. Data was also gathered on student performance in the period 1985-1992, and subsequent employment characteristics of graduates. The framework of analysis adopted for this thesis encompasses the special problems faced by Small Island States in their efforts to provide education for their people. Links between education planning and development planning are explored in depth. The analysis of the data established that the current system of education contributes to increasing social inequalities. Further, it was established that this system cannot be sustained in the long term. It has been argued in this thesis that this system of education could, in the long term, contribute to the demise of national and cultural identity. Hence, it has been argued that the current curriculum is inappropriate for the people of the Maldives at this juncture. On the basis of the findings of this thesis, a broad outline of an alternative education system which could be developed, and the assumptions about development made by this model is presented.
    Date of Award1993
    Original languageEnglish

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