Equality before the law : the importance of understanding the experience of 'others' in the criminal justice system

  • Anthony Hopkins

    Student thesis: By Publication


    Equality is a fundamental concern of human existence. Expressed in the principle of equality before the law it requires that those who come before the law are entitled to be treated as being of equal value and to be given ‘equal consideration’. In circumstances where those who come before the law are marked by their differences, giving of equal consideration requires that difference be understood and taken into account. This dissertation makes an argument for taking difference into account as a moral requirement – one that requires us to acknowledge the limitations of our capacity to understand the experience of ‘others’ within the criminal justice system and actively work to engage with these experiences.
    Date of Award2015
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorPatricia Easteal (Supervisor), Lorana BARTELS (Supervisor) & Annie Cossins (Supervisor)

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