High school physical education curricula

  • Alan Thomas

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    Aim of study -To examine developments in high school physical education curricula in the Australian Capital Territory.
    Breadth of study - The importance of the historical break with the New South Wales Department of Education in 1973 was seen as the turning point in the development of curricula. Prior to this, all A.C.T. curricula in all subjects were prescribed by the N.S.W. Board of Secondary School Studies. Since 1973 A.C.T. schools have had the autonomy to develop their own curricula. As a result there are now many different types and styles of curricula.
    A comparison of the current N.S.W. Physical Education curriculum was made, and an examination of curriculum developments in physical education in both America and England was undertaken. Current A.C.T. physical education curricula were investigated and curricula types classified. An in-depth study of three representative curricula was made. Surveys of pupils in these schools, and of all high school physical education teachers were completed.
    Conclusions - 1) The type of physical education curriculum implemented should be compatible with the organisational structure and philosophy of the school. 2) It is strongly recommended that all pupils at high school should study some form of physical education. 3) Pupils should be able to specialise in, and elect, the types of activities they wish to study in physical education in Years 9 and 10. 4) Pupils in Years 7 and B should study a general physical education course that teaches basic skills in a wide range of activities. 5) The school physical education curriculum should be planned
    by a specialist curriculum sub committee. 6) Pupils and teachers should be consulted when curriculum activities to be taught are being selected. 7) As pupils see the main aim of physical education as being fitness orientated, then relevant fitness activities should form part of each lesson. 8) Physical education should not be formally assessed as a subject for the Year 10 Certificate, unless it is elected as an examination subject. 9) Physical education teachers should have the support of relevant in-service courses on curriculum development.
    Date of Award1982
    Original languageEnglish

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