In search of appropriate language testing techniques for EFL tertiary teachers in Vietnam

  • Le Duc Long

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    This Field Study Report concentrates on the appropriate language testing techniques for EFL tertiary teachers in different foreign language institutions and centres in Vietnam. It falls into five chapters. The first chapter is a brief introduction and an overview of the problems with EFL testing and assessment in Vietnam. It describes the need for this study, its general testing terminology. It also describes some general problems, problems with specific testing techniques and problems with testing assessment. The second chapter discusses the role of classroom language testing, the relationship between language teaching and testing and the use of different kinds of tests. In the third chapter, four qualities of a good test and instructions to the testee are considered. After discussing the use of various kinds of tests, the Study Report examines different EFL testing and assessment techniques in chapter IV. This chapter focuses on the pros and cons of major language testing and assessment techniques such as translation, essay writing, oral interviews, multiple-choice items, short answer items, cloze tests, dictations, terminal assessment. Critical comments on these techniques are also given. In the final chapter, some practical suggestions and proposals for EFL testing and assessment in Vietnam are made. It is hoped that these suggestions and proposals will help to improve the present language testing situation in Vietnam.
    Date of Award1985
    Original languageEnglish

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