Interactive video

  • James Steele

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    Interactive video is a new method of instruction which has great potential. Already, the techniques developed are being used effectively by companies with training and information dissemination needs covering large and diverse organisations. This Field Study is an attempt to explore the possibilities interactive video has for education. Since the techniques are new and still developing quickly, it was necessary to spend a significant amount of time learning about the possibilities for the medium and developing new techniques for the particular application described in this Report. There are a number of facets to the development of a learning package which uses new technology and new techniques. All these facets must be explored to make sure the techniques incorporated in the package being developed fit together properly, to make the learner’s experience an effective one. Video production, computer programming, computer assisted instruction and subject matter expertise are the major facets of interactive video, and all have had to be explored to some degree in this Study. For the writer, a media producer with mainly film and video production experience, video production on its own was not a great problem, but computer programming and computer assisted instruction techniques, and the integration of all the various elements of the package, was new ground. Subject matter expertise beyond the writer’s skills was available from other sources. This Report covers the development of the Study from · the investigation of interactive video as a new technology, through an exploration of the techniques required to produce materials for it, finally to the development of an experimental package designed to give the writer some practical skills in the use of interactive video, and insight into its usefulness as a medium of instruction in a practical setting.
    Date of Award1983
    Original languageEnglish

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