Marital separation : an experimental investigation of the efficacy of a self-help guide

  • Rosemary Jones

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The present study examined the efficacy of a self-help guide in the area of marital separation and divorce. The guide itself was written after an extensive series of interviews with people undergoing separation and professionals such as lawyers and counsellors who deal with separating people as part of their working day. The experiment demanded firstly a thorough investigation of two major areas viz.(a) the new Family Law Act and its effects, and (b) the current trend to self-help in many areas of our society. The particular style of self-help under investigation was help through reading-bibliotherapy. A factor analysis was performed in order to determine which facets of separation most required attention from those who have separated or are about to separate. Methodology involved using three groups matched for certain characteristics to test for changes after bibliotherapeutic interventions. The failure to find statistically significant results was discussed in terms of methodological problems. Socially significant results emerged as implications for welfare practice, and possible legal changes were examined.
    Date of Award1984
    Original languageEnglish

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