Problems in EFL testing with particular reference to China

  • Wang Xiao-guang

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    This Field Study focusses on the problems in assessing and testing EFL students with particular reference to Chinese Foreign Language Institutes. In this study the following aspects will be dealt with in six chapters. The first chapter is an introduction which delineates the need for this study, its aims, scope and sources of data. The second chapter reviews briefly the abolition and resumption of testing in China, the influence of overseas English language tests, and some of the problems in EFI, testing in foreign language institutes in China today. Based on the problems discussed in the second chapter, the third chapter considers ways in which students may be assessed. The focus of this chapter is on the merits and deficiencies of terminal assessment and continuous assessment, the superiority of continuous assessment over terminal assessment, and the appropriateness of the former in Chinese EFL classes. Related to these problems, the fourth chapter discusses the purposes of testing in education, the use of tests and their evaluation. The emphasis of the chapter is on the various roles tests may play in education; on the use of different kind of tests and some of the problems that should be considered when using tests; to evaluate tests; and finally, possible ways to evaluate tests. Having discussed assessment techniques and the use of tests, the study turns to various EFL testing techniques in Chapter V. This chapter examines the problems of major testing techniques such as essay writing, discrete-point tests, cloze tests and dictation. Controversies about these testing techniques are presented. In the final chapter, some practical suggestions are made about English language testing and assessment in foreign language institutes in China. These suggestions are given in the hope that they may give impetus to the improvement of and research into EFL testing in these institutions in China.
    Date of Award1983
    Original languageEnglish

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