• Jennifer Missen

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    "When we are unconscious of a thing which is constellated, we are identified with it, and it moves us or activates us as if we were marionettes. We can only escape that effect by making it conscious and objectifying it, putting it outside of ourselves, taking it out into the conscious." Carl Jung. Scheherazade is the story of Felicity who is in pursuit of a dream to become a solo violinist. As she ploughs into Year 12,she is so absorbed by her goals that she neglects her social environment: family; friends; relaxation. Sometimes she is barely conscious of their presence. At the Year 12 formal, she is forced to realise the consequences of the choices she is making. Writing Scheherazade, my first novel, was a lesson in dealing with and learning about mastering the writing process. The exegesis shows the journey of taking pieces of unconsciously/subconsciously created writing and turning them into pieces of a deliberately crafted complex whole. Starting with a premise -If you don't pursue your dreams, you will live with regret -I found it easy to put together a character and give her a dream. Bringing in aspects of adolescent theory, I could contrast her with her friends and her parents. But all of the conflict was external and Felicity was unlikable. When I investigated other Young Adult and Junior fiction I found that I needed to bring the conflict more inside Felicity. Then I had a story.
    Date of Award2008
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorMaureen Bettle (Supervisor), Belle Alderman (Supervisor) & Carole Anne Kayrooz (Supervisor)

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