School initiated method of evaluation

  • Elizabeth McKenzie

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    A review of the literature in the area of educational evaluation reveals a multitude of journal articles that are directed to the world of the professional evaluator and to the academic. Very little is written that is of direct assistance to the classroom teacher who has had little (if any) professional training in the area of evaluation, An examination of the Australian context indicates a paucity of functional evaluation materials designed for classroom teachers. Available materials are either American or British, and are generally either very technical or not relevant. A kit of evaluation materials based on a School Initiated Method of Evaluation – S.I.M.E. materials, has been developed to fill a perceived need for suitable evaluation materials for practitioners. The S.I.M.E. kit presents a range of materials conveyed in non-technical language and is designed for use in all schools. The S.I.M.E. kit contains a slide-tape set, five how-to-do-it booklets, five illustrative case studies and a set of overhead transparencies. A set of evaluation materials designed to assist teachers in South Australian schools has been described. compared and contrasted with the S.I.M.E. materials in an effort to clarify the features of the S.I.M.E. approach.
    Date of Award1981
    Original languageEnglish

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