School initiated method of evaluation

  • Ron Sandeman

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    It is the purpose of this study to relate the theory and principles developed in the field of educational evaluation to the needs and daily practice of Australian schools. The first stage of the study involves a review of the literature on evaluation in order to examine and discuss the major models for educational evaluation developed by scholars in this field. It includes, too, discussion of the frameworks for implementing an evaluation using the models developed in the literature. A main difficulty for school-based evaluators seeking to use the literature on curriculum evaluation is the theoretical nature of much of the writing. The second stage of this study considers the practical aspects of using evaluation models in school situations. It includes such matters as deciding what should be evaluated, who should do the evaluation and how it should be done. A simple and practical model for conducting school-based evaluations is proposed. With increasing emphasis in most school systems on school-based curriculum development, and based on the premise that evaluation is an essential and integral part of curriculum development, it is suggested that self-initiated evaluation is of growing importance to Australian teachers. A set of materials which has beer. developed to assist teachers to implement and conduct evaluations within their own schools is described. The materials are intended to be used by teachers who have no special understanding or skill in evaluation, to allow the complete process from decision to evaluate to implementation of recommendations to be carried out, and do not require the services of an external evaluator. The final stage of the study compares the S.I.M.E. model of evaluation with the model developed by Terry TenBrink. It also considers use of the S.I.M.E. method by comparing it with an actual evaluation carried out by employing the TenBrink model.
    Date of Award1982
    Original languageEnglish

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