Supply Chain Risk Management

: Supply Chain Risk Management Practices in Singapore Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics Companies

  • Hannes Reinhardt

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Supply chain risk management (SCRM) plays a vital role in effectively operating and managing supply chains in the presence of uncertainties. Numerous studies and sources of reported public information have highlighted the importance of SCRM in today’s global economies. This is manifest in the increasing number of natural and man-made disasters globally. This has further underlined the vulnerability of modern global supply chains. Unfavourable business practices in the management of supply chain risks have exposed many companies around the world to regulatory penalties, significant disruption delays, material negative financial impacts and other negative business consequences.

...The purpose of this study is to provide description, prediction, and explanation/understanding to answer identified research questions by investigating—based on an established conceptual model to test hypotheses and evaluate—the impacts of external factors on individuals’ internal beliefs, attitudes and intentions. The dependent variables for this study are attitude towards using SCRM (A), intention to use SCRM (IU) and actual use of SCRM (AU). The stimulus for those external factors are selected independent variables, with the organism for the cognitive response for defined mediating variables influencing the outcome on behavioural response for the dependent variable, SCRM practices. The mediating variables are perceived ease of use of SCRM (PEOU), perceived usefulness of SCRM (PU) and perceived risk of catastrophic events (PRCE). The selected stimulus for the independent variables are level of understanding (LOU) and management support (MS).
Date of Award2019
SupervisorYunus Kathawala (Supervisor), Yongqing Fang (Supervisor) & Craig Applegate (Supervisor)

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Supply Chain Risk Management: Supply Chain Risk Management Practices in Singapore Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics Companies
Reinhardt, H. (Author). 2019

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis