Take that woman : a creative writing project

  • Sylvia Alston

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    Take that woman explores social issues as a piece of mainstream fiction. The story revolves around realistic characters, in a contemporary setting, facing situations which many people encounter in their lives. The piece isn't didactic. Nor does it force-feed the reader; rather it provides information in bite-sized pieces so it can be easily digested. Take that woman is the story of a group of people brought together by a wedding. Set in the present, the action takes place in Canberra on a day in early November. The story moves between Australia and England, between the present and the past as it examines the conflicts the day generates for the couple's families and friends. Not only does the wedding serve as a device to bring the characters together, it also highlights the seriousness of the issues being explored. The account is a fictional piece as fiction can be an effective communication tool. Information is disseminated in different forms through a variety of media, both electronic and print. But, however widely, or creatively, the material is distributed, there is nothing to ensure the recipient will read or understand the information. Mainstream fiction can be a means of raising awareness about serious social issues, of changing attitudes, and, ultimately, behaviours. The research for the piece involved a search of literature, films and videos, and relevant websites. It also consisted of personal interviews with subject experts, workers in the field of domestic violence, and people who have been exposed to violence in their own relationships.
    Date of Award2002
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorMaureen Bettle (Supervisor)

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