Teacher education : the impact of Commonwealth Government policy 1965-76

  • M. J. Hopkins

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    This study is confined to certain changes in teacher education, particularly in the primary area, in former teachers colleges and colleges of advanced education. The problems experienced by the States in providing adequate teacher education, as well as their reasons for retaining responsibility for the teachers colleges until the 1970's are discussed as a basis for considering the movement of the Commonwealth into the area of funding teacher education and the development of the colleges as autonomous institutions. The change in government of the colleges and the increased funding, firstly on a Commonwealth/State matching basis, and later as total Commonwealth, funding has initiated, or hastened, developments in the former teachers colleges which are discussed with respect to the Riverina College of Advanced Education and State College of Victoria, Frankston. Teacher education courses were supported in some multi-purpose colleges in the early 1970's and in the former State teachers colleges as from July 1973. Until the end of 1975 funds were provided to accommodate social demand and in response to manpower requirements, at the same time allowing qualitative improvements in physical facilities and in aspects associated with administration and with the teaching and learning situations in the colleges. With the increased autonomy of the colleges and the recruitment of staff by open advertisement came the opportunity for each college to develop an individual character. The re-design and diversification of courses have been major factors in developing college individuality. Financial constraints have now been placed on the advanced education system and there are indications of an oversupply of teachers in the next few years. These factors will change the extent and direction of development in the colleges but present levels of recurrent funding will almost certainly be maintained and it is the responsibility of each individual college to use the available funds efficiently and effectively.
    Date of Award1976
    Original languageEnglish

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