Thai students' opinions on adding communicative tasks to grammar- based English classes

  • Tikamporn Wuttipornpong

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    This study explores opinions of university Thai EFL students, who have been subject to a conventional teaching approach for years, on adding communicative tasks in grammar based classes drawing from relevant literature and previous studies. The results of the study suggest that Thai students want to have communicative tasks in grammar learning, but only with formal instruction prior to the tasks. The study also shows how communicative tasks may be integrated into conventional language pedagogy from Thai students in the study's perspectives and relevant literature. As expected, the results indicated that Thai students were reluctant to complete tasks in English because of shyness, particularly when conversing with peers, a lack of competence in language skills, and fear over losing face. The interviews conducted with students revealed instructional techniques that they themselves believed would be beneficial in encouraging greater participation in tasks without inhibitions. Finally, the study concludes that Thai EFL students are ready to be trained in communicative tasks and that instruction in Thai EFL classes should shift from substantially form-based to more communication-based instruction.
    Date of Award2000
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorJeremy Jones (Supervisor)

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