The amalgamation of Chevalier College, Bowral, and Elm Court, Moss Vale : two years of preparation

  • John Franzmann

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    In January 1975,Chevalier College, Bowral, and Elm Court, Moss Vale, schools for boys and girls respectively situated six kilometres apart, began discussions about extending their present combination in the senior school to full co-education in a fully combined high school. Chevalier would become the senior partner and take over administration of the combined school. In 1975,support was sought from religious communities, teaching staffs and parents involved, and detailed planning began in several committees. The next year brought conflict. For reasons so frequently associated with resistance to change, such as loss of power and identity, intensified by thoughtlessness from Chevalier, the Elm Court community began to resist and work against the amalgamation. The diocesan education authorities, appealed to by the local sisters, suggested an alternative proposal to replace the amalgamation. However, after further consideration by the superiors of the sisters at Elm Court, and helped by more careful consideration from Chevalier, the project finally went ahead. The major decisions concerned with the amalgamation were made by the superiors of the two religious orders concerned, and then by the school headmaster, assisted by his councils. There was very little real involvement of the local community of parents, or of the students. With the crisis successfully weathered, prospects seem bright for 1977,especially if the lessons learnt during the conflict are remembered.
    Date of Award1976
    Original languageEnglish

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