The analysis of junior secondary science curriculum materials

  • Peter Anthony Green

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The study was based on the assumption that the analysis and evaluation of curriculum materials was an appropriate activity to be undertaken by practising teachers. Other studies indicated that teachers perceived a need for objective analyses of curriculum materials and for procedures suitable for use by the practising teacher which could generate information on which rational decisions concerning curriculum materials could be made. A variety of previously published analysis schemes were reviewed according to the criteria of: - range and scope of the scheme; - the relevance of the scheme to practising teachers; - feasibility; - adaptability and flexibility; - data collection procedures; - general considerations (curriculum model, presentation of report). The Sussex scheme (Eraut et al., 1975) was the analysis of junior science curriculum materials. This scheme was used in an analysis of I.S.C.S., "Probing the Natural World" materials. A simplified framework for the analysis of curriculum materials summarised the components of the scheme. In order to derive hard data on some of the effects of using I.S.C.S. materials, a quasi-experiment was attempted. Details of the quasi-experiment were included in this study. The validity of the concept of teacher-as-researcher or teacher-as-evaluator was supported throughout the field study.
    Date of Award1980
    Original languageEnglish

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