The audio-tutorial method in biology teaching and an evaluation of its use

  • Abdul Ghaffar Khan

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The present study is an introduction to the Audio-Tutorial approach to instruction for teaching Biology and associated fields and an evaluation of its use. The audio-tutorial system way introduced in the Biology class at Goulburn College of Advanced Education in Spring 1975. The 16 students who enrolled in the Introductory Biology course had no prior knowledge that a self-paced individualized method would be used. The method of course presentation was based on the audio-tutorial approach to learning introduced by Professor Postlethwait at Purdue University. The course material was divided into 10 Study Units each accompanied by a unit quiz. The text was 'Biological Sciences' by Keeton (1972). For each Study Unit a 'Student Study Guide' and an 'Exercise Notebook' were prepared by the author in advance. The Study Guide gives explicit objectives which the students have to achieve and the activities designed to achieve them. When the student has achieved the objectives, he will take a unit quiz. The instructor gives help when needed and administers and reviews each unit quiz with the students as soon as the quiz is completed. The Study Unit III entitled 'Molds, Yeasts and Mushrooms' was taught to two groups of 8 students each, chosen at random from the 16 students who enrolled in Biology course 904111,one continued using the audio-tutorial system and the other was taught by a conventional method. The instructional time was one week. The cognitive achievements of these two groups of students was compared through a pretest-post test approach. The audio-tutorial system did substantially better. Data of this experiment are discussed in the light of the present study and the findings of other workers.
    Date of Award1977
    Original languageEnglish

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