The Australian Capital Territory Primary Principals' Association 1965-1976 : its history, role and development

  • David Lusty

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    This study has resulted from the author's interest and participation in the activities of the A.C.T. Primary Principals' Association over the past six years. For the last three years of the twelve-year period covered by the study he was General Secretary of the Association, and thus had access to the minutes, reports and correspondence which had accumulated since the inception of the Association. Additional information has been obtained through discussions, reminiscences, letters and tape-recordings from members and others who were actively involved in the activities of the Association. The History of the Association has been divided into four stages, corresponding to: 1. The inaugural period, under the direction of New South Wales. 2. The period of maximum growth. 3. The beginning of the independent A.C.T. Schools System. 4. The reorganisation of the Association. The main topics which were discussed within each period are analysed, together with the reactions of members to the circumstances which caused those topics to be emphasised, The analysis has shown that over the twelve-year period there has been: 1. A series of organisational changes in the structure of the Association as its membership has increased. 2. A significant trend away from the discussion of topics which could be classified as Managerial and towards subjects which could be regarded as Educational. 3. An increasing use of Guest Speakers at meetings and conferences. 4. A gradual change in the objectives of the Association and in the nature of the organisations to which it has related. 5. Only a very small percentage of members who have held Executive Office in the Association. The comments of individuals who have been involved with the Association over a period of years are used to assess its strengths and weaknesses, and suggestions are made regarding ways in which the structure of the organisation might possibly be improved. An examination has been made of the Association as a model-type, and throughout the study there is discussion as to how its performance equates with the findings of current literature on Organisational Theory. A recommendation is made that a review of the stated aims of the Association be undertaken, and that a Constitution be developed.
    Date of Award1978
    Original languageEnglish

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