The blue-green process : expressing and recycling rainwater

  • Judith van Gelderen

    Student thesis: Professional Doctorate


    We now have a world wide situation where clean water, and available drinking water are critical issues for society, with the pressures of global warming and climate change in combination with population growth. The recycling and creative re-use of stormwater is an urgent necessity for this valuable resource.
    Stormwater re-use is only one method of conserving water; opportunities for recycling grey and black water are gaining momentum and require further application in Australia. This thesis touches on the scope for recycling grey water, but research concentrates on stormwater, as stormwater recycling is considered a first step in water recycling because it is relatively easy and simple to implement. It also focuses on the creative recycling of stormwater and the benefits of expressing water in public space. We need to address the water issue from both an environmental and psychological focus.
    This thesis explores the history of stormwater treatment, the physical properties, the spiritual connotations and the aesthetics of water, as well as the pragmatic technical requirements of WSUD based on hydraulics; it analyses examples of projects reflecting the principles of WSUD undertaken by the author; illustrates successful examples of both international and Australian best practice sensitive water planning and design; recommends strategies for professionals in this field and discusses the need for government initiatives and incentives, policies, and management framework required to support the implementation of projects.
    It aims to increase awareness of stormwater, to demonstrate successful showcase projects that provide inspiration, and discusses possible ways forward to improve the conditions for implementing sensitive water planning and design in Australia. As Coffman (US) says;
    “Stormwater design for water quality rather than flood control is really a whole new field requiring a new way of thinking”…
    Our professional expertise can provide the critical planning and design input required to integrate these approaches into the environment in a multi-disciplinary process.
    Date of Award2007
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorKen Taylor (Supervisor) & Dianne Firth (Supervisor)

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