The development and validation of guidelines for special education support teachers

  • Sue Driscoll

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    Given that the policy of the Australian public education authorities is that students with special needs should be integrated wherever possible into regular schools and classes (Andrews. Elkins. Berry & Burge: 1979), and the wider policy of normalisation for persons who have a disability (Tully: 1986). then the problem of how best to facilitate this “normalisation” within our education system needs to be addressed. Integration is central to this normalisation process (Tully: 1986). In order for integration to be successful, one of the things that needs to be developed is a way of providing class teachers with practical, relevant support. Special Education Support Teachers can provide this. but they need validated guidelines to give them a well thought out basis and systematic framework within which to work in order for their support to be effective. The guidelines developed from this field study are meant to provide this framework.
    Date of Award1993
    Original languageEnglish

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