The Development of Virtual Libraries in Commonwealth Libraries in Australia

  • Amanda Magnussen

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    This research examines the development of virtual libraries in Commonwealth
    libraries in Australia in 1998-1999. The background to the study lies in some of
    the current issues in the information sector, and government responses to those
    The study begins by considering the nature of the Australian Commonwealth
    Government, reviewing what government libraries are and whom they serve, and
    examining the future trends expected to affect Commonwealth libraries. The
    current state of virtual library research is then reviewed, and the need for research
    in the Commonwealth library sector examined.
    The author reviews the virtual library concept as expressed in the literature in the
    field, determines what a virtual library is, and gives consideration to why virtual
    libraries are being developed. The issues that affect and are affected by virtual
    library development are then examined. Based on this, a model of virtual libraries
    is formulated, along with a brief consideration of the possible application,
    importance and problems associated with each element of the model.
    The research design and methods that were used to gather information for this
    study are then outlined, along with the inherent limitations of the research model.
    Following this, the findings from a survey of virtual library development in
    Commonwealth libraries are discussed. The author then conducts some analysis
    of these responses, and makes comparisons between different Commonwealth
    library responses, as well as comparisons with virtual library studies conducted in
    American and Australian academic libraries.
    The research concludes by attempting to reach some conclusions about
    Commonwealth virtual library development and the validity of the proposed
    model of virtual libraries. Flowing from this, recommendations are made for
    further research in this field.
    Date of Award2002
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorPeter Clayton (Supervisor)

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