The evolution of secondary school representative sport in Australia (1977-1983)

  • Steven Kalend

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    For many years, considerable time and effort was devoted by teachers in Australian schools to the organisation of sporting activities for students. As a result, School Sports Associations were formed in most Australian States early this century. These Associations provided intra state and inter state competition on a limited scale. It was not until the early 1970’s that any co-ordinated effort was made to bring together all the States’ and Territories’ activities. Regular meetings of Association Secretaries led to the formation of the Australian State Secondary Schools Sports Council in 1973. This was the beginning of a new era in secondary school representative sport in Australia. The creation of a forum for States to discuss matters of mutual interest resulted in a greater awareness within school communities of the benefits provided by sporting activities. This generation of interest eventually led to the formation of the Australian Secondary Schools Sports Federation in 1977, This body, representing all States and Territories became identified as the controlling body of secondary school sport in Australia and has continued to develop this role over the years. Since the formation of the Australian Secondary Schools Sports Federation, there has been significant growth in representative sporting activities, greater liaison and improved relations with community groups and systematic generation of relevant policies aimed at the betterment of school sport. After several years of operation . the role of the Federation was supplemented by the establishment of the Australian Schools Sports Council. This body represents both Primary School and Secondary School Sports Associations throughout Australia. After considerable effort, the Council was successful in obtaining Commonwealth Government funding for the employment of a National Executive Director to work full-time on the promotion of school sport. The years 1977-1983 saw dramatic growth in school sporting activities in Australia. Many problems were encountered some of which were ultimately solved. Other problems continue to occupy those who work within the organisation and their solution would appear to be the main task for the future.

    Date of Award1985
    Original languageEnglish

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