The impact of the internet on schools of library and information science in Thailand

  • Lampang Manmart

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    The main purpose of the research is to examine how the Internet has impacted on the schools of library and information science in Thailand. The study focuses on how it is used and the resultant changes in knowledge and skill of the academic staff, the teaching and learning process and the schools' curricula. In the research framework general systems principles were adapted to explain particular characteristics of the schools and the implementation of innovation in organisation process was used to clarify the phenomenon of Internet implementation in the schools' activities. The identification of the different pattern of change was arrived at by correlation and comparison tests between Internet use, its impact and the differential among the schools' characteristics and human factors. Questionnaires were provided to 146 academic staff in 16 schools of library and information science in Thailand. Sixteen heads of schools and 25 other information professionals were interviewed and an analysis of each school's curricula was also carried out. The results of the study show that the library and information science schools in Thailand are keeping up with the changes in information and communication technology. Since 1997 some schools have changed the name of the programs to Information Studies, Information Science or Information Management. The study found a correlation between names of the programs, the number of courses and credits for information technology and the inclusion of the Internet in the curricula. As well, the visions and goals of the schools were found to be associated with technology infrastructure and support from parent universities. The study also found that the Internet has been integrated into the schools as an important part of their curricula and the teaching and learning process, especially the courses in information services, information resources and access, and information storage and retrieval areas. Furthermore, Internet use has impacted on academic staff knowledge and skills, their teaching methods and activities and their communication patterns and research behaviour. However, the use and impact of the Internet shows a correlation with the age of academic staff, their knowledge, skills and experience in using the computer and the Internet and information technology infrastructure and support in the schools. As a result of this research study, a new model of library and information science education in Thailand is proposed which takes all of these factors into account while considering its application to other countries in South East Asia.
    Date of Award2002
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorPeter Clayton (Supervisor) & Belle Alderman (Supervisor)

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