The influences of Chinese female consumers’ preference on car interior design

  • Qianyuan Zhao

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    Car interior styling and features are a crucial part of vehicle design with a huge impact on the user experience. Chinese female consumers‟ car interior needs and preferences have not been extensively studied. This study explores Chinese females‟ car interior requirements and expectations via a series of questionnaires designed to elicit preferences, attitudes and special expectations of female consumers in different age groups and in comparison with male consumers. Following theoretical review and analysis of the survey results, a virtual car interior landscape based on the survey results is modelled and further tested in a new survey.
    The results illustrate Chinese female consumers‟ car interior requirements and preferences, including spacious interiors and functional smart storage, that these vary with the age of the consumer, and also that there are significant gender differences, with males having different opinions on most aspects of the car interior features. This justifies the female focus of the research.
    By revealing the special preferences and expectations of Chinese female consumers for automobile interiors, the study provides a unique reference for developing new design strategies for vehicle interiors
    Date of Award2020
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorBill Green (Supervisor) & Eddi Pianca (Supervisor)

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