The labour market outcomes of Indian male migrants in Australia

  • Muhammad Bilal Rafi

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    This thesis considers the labour market outcomes of Indian-born male migrants in Australia. A review of the literature identifies a gap in this area which the current research aims to address. The thesis starts by considering the factors that compel an individual to consider migration and the choice of a migration destination. This reveals that the fundamentals of the Australian labour market relative to the Indian labour market explain the motivations of Indians who chose to migrate to Australia. Furthermore, during the 2000s there was a strong link between Australia’s Skilled Migration Programme and the course preferences and motivations of Indian international students in Australia. A profile of Indian migrants in Australia indicates that they are more likely to be male, are considerably younger than the average Australian, have a strong preference to settle in metropolitan areas in New South Wales and Victoria, a notable proportion of them are current and former international students; and they are highly qualified. The empirical modelling of this thesis reveals that the employment outcomes, in terms of ability to find a job and occupational outcomes, of Indian-born male migrants in Australia are not markedly dissimilar to those of local Australian males and other male migrants from English speaking and Non-English speaking backgrounds. However, given their tertiary qualifications and other demographic factors, Indian-born male migrants in Australia are the least successful of all the male migrants in terms of leveraging their tertiary qualifications. Essentially Indian-born male migrants in Australia are generating a lower return on their human capital in the Australian labour market relative to other male migrants and local males. Considering that India is now the largest source of migrants for Australia, and the second largest source of international students, the findings of this thesis raise important policy implications regarding the utilisation of skilled Indian migrants in the Australian labour market.
    Date of Award2016
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorPhil Lewis (Supervisor), Muni Perumal (Supervisor) & Malcolm Gray (Supervisor)

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