The listening comprehension difficulties of Chinese tertiary level students

  • Chen Zhuxiu

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This study examines the listening comprehension
difficulties of Chinese learners of English as a foreign
language at the tertiary level by means of two
listening comprehension tests that were specifically
designed for this paper and administered to 50 students
in the English Department of ERWAI (the Peking Foreign
Language Institute No. 2). The students' listening
comprehension ability is evaluated on the basis of the
results of multiple-choice test items, and the students'
oral performance in answering questions, all of which
have been recorded and transcribed in full. Proceeding
from the date and from the theory and practice of
language teaching and learning, suggestions relating to
this area are discussed.
Chapter 1 introduces the background to the problem,
in which some basic facts concerning the teaching of
English as a foreign language at the primary, secondary
and tertiary levels in China are provided. This serves
as a general review of tertiary students' entry
behaviour i~ learning English as a foreign language.
In addition, the aims and objectives of foreign language
teaching based on ERWAI students' future professional
needs are discussed.
Chapter 2 moves to a discussion of the format and
procedures of the two listening comprehension tests,
followed by the description and interpretation of the test results.
Chapter 3 discusses the nature of the listening
process and surveys the listening strategies needed for
successful communication.
In Chapter 4, proposals for improving the teaching
of listening comprehension at ERWAI are recommended.
Date of Award1983
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Canberra

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