The Preparation, implementation and evaluation of a course in educational media for first year education students at North Brisbane CAE

  • C. A. Yarrow

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    This Field Study centered on the preparation, presentation and evaluation of an introductory course in educational media for first year teacher education students. The introduction provides the rationale (theoretical and practical) for such a course and outlines the nature and purpose of the project. The approach used is clarified and justified. Basically the approach is on formal, traditional lines with regard to curriculum development; but the intention is to provide the first detailed written account of such proceedings in the educational media field. Necessary terms (educational media, multi-media, older and newer media) are defined and general aims and objectives are developed taking into account the usual constraints as well as the results of classroom surveys, consultations and case studies. Appropriate reviews of literature and previous research which are relevant to the topic are dealt with under the following headings: the need for the course; the operation of equipment; selection and production of materials; application to the classroom; the place of media in the curriculum; theory, background and attitudes. The plan follows systematic lines along the model provided in Teaching and Media. A Systematic Approach,(Gerlach and Ely: 1971:7). This involves providing the detailed objectives, specifying content, assessing time and space, selecting resources, evaluating performance and finally analysing feedback. Experiments conducted fall into three categories. Firstly, students were evaluated by means of a multi-media kit of materials, ability to operate equipment and a multi-choice test. Secondly, the course itself was evaluated by means of a questionnaire given to the students. This questionnaire was subsequently rewritten to eliminate the predictability of some of the responses. The third experiment involved two classroom surveys on media use (details included in the introduction). These provided useful evidence in connection with the project. Findings and recommendations for better practice are provided under the following headings: General Objectives of Course and Content of the Course Strategy Time for Course Resources Evaluation Location of Course Staff Education.
    Date of Award1978
    Original languageEnglish

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