The relationship of drawing skills to visual perceptual abilities in year 7 students

  • Zirngast Wendy

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The aim of this field study was to investigate the relationship between visual perceptual processes and drawing ability in Year 7 students in the Australian Capital Territory. A random sample of five classes from five High Schools, consisting of 113 year 7 students, was tested for their ability in representational and memory drawing, and a sample of good drawers was chosen by a panel of five independent judges. The drawing ability of the “Good” Drawers Sample was tested by means of Field’s Visual Information Transformation Test (VIT), and the visual perceptual processes were tested using MacGregor’s Perceptual Index.(MPI) A statistical analysis of the ranked scores was made using the Kruskal Wallis Analysis of Variance, the Spearman Rho rank order correlation, and the Mann Whitney U Test.
    Date of Award1987
    Original languageEnglish

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