The role of intra-professional education in vocational and higher education

  • Gabrielle Koutoukidis

    Student thesis: Professional Doctorate


    ... There is very little literature in intra-professional education and its implementation in a multi-sectorial institute. Some of the literature suggested that intra-professional education may encourage recruitment and successful transitions of students from VET to HE, however, no prior studies had actually explored this. Given the lack of research in the area of intra-professional education in a multi-sectorial context, this study adds to the literature on this concept and illustrates how it works in multi-sectorial institution. In addition, most of the literature on intra-professional education seems to be from the health sector, whereas this study focuses on students undertaking VET and HE courses in the community services sector.
    This study explored the role of intra-professional education in vocational and higher education utilising participatory action research (PAR) methods, within a qualitive research design. Utilising an existing organisational-change action research framework two cycles were conducted, - Cycle I: Planning Stage and Cycle II : Action Stage. Data were collected and analysed from: pre and post-questionnaires from the VET participatory students; a post-questionnaire from the HE students; a questionnaire from non-participatory VET students; journal entries from the teaching faculty; interviews with the teaching faculty and VET participatory students; A focus group with HE students; and minutes from the community services reference group meetings.
    ... An intra-professional education model was found to be a useful intervention strategy in assisting students to make the decision to (potentially) transition from VET to HE. An intra-professional education model and framework could provide opportunities to multi-sectorial institutes to increase VET student awareness of the HE sector; increase recruitment to HE programs; provide a seamless pathway into HE programs and enhance access and pathways for VET students.
    Date of Award2020
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorMike Gaffney (Supervisor), Dan Kaczynski (Supervisor), Misty Kirby (Supervisor), Louise Watson (Supervisor) & Bernard Brown (Supervisor)

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