Trace metal and metalloid accumulation, distribution, and, speciation in Lake Macquarie, N.S.W., Australia

  • Jason K. Kirby

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    THESIS ORGANISATION This thesis is organised into nine chapters that include seven international and national publications (six accepted and one submitted for publication). The initial overview chapter outlines the justification and direction for this thesis. With the exception of chapter 8 (accepted for publication on the 1st May 2005); all chapters are exact duplicates of published articles in international and national refereed journals (chapters 2 to 7). The initial chapters (2 and 3) presents research findings using a marine fish species, mullet (Mugil cephalus),to measure trace metal bioavailability in Lake Macquarie, NSW Australia. While subsequent chapters (4 to 8) are presenting research under taken to improve the understanding of arsenic cycling in marine and estuarine environments. The final chapter (chapter 9) is a synopsis of the major findings presented in this thesis. Due to the publication nature of this thesis, an unavoidable degree of replication exists within chapters (publications).
    Date of Award2005
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorBill Maher (Supervisor)

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