Training and further education for catering, restaurant and liquor service personnel : a needs analysis

  • John Kratochvil

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The study proposes to clarify what are the general training and
    further education needs of personnel who intend to enter a career in
    the Catering, Restaurant and Liquor Sales sectors of the Tourism
    and Hospitality Industry, and those who are already employed in one of
    the sectors.
    The study also proposes:
    1. to identify the immediate training needs to meet the specific
    current requirements of the Industry in the ACT and surrounding
    2. to ascertain the perceived future requirements to allow for the
    provision of relevant training and further education facilities
    to meet the challenge of tomorrow.
    It is also hoped that the results of the needs analysis will assist
    curriculum planners in the formulation of accurate educational
    objectives to assist the construction of valid programmes of study
    leading to employment into the Industry.
    Date of Award1983
    Original languageEnglish

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