Water in the urban landscape : the focus being on the design of a public open space on the Mutha River corridor at Pune, India

  • Roopali B. Pandey

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The focus of this study is the design of a public open space on the Mutha River corridor at Pune in India. Like any other river in India, the Mutha River has religious significance to the region. The river has influenced the location and development of the city and featured prominently in the history of the region. Most of the historic heritage values of the city are along the river and are located in the study area. Though the river has been abused by damming of the catchment, removal of vegetation for urbanization, polluted by human and industrial waste and channelization, it still provides opportunities to be developed as a recreational resource. Insights from a study of water bodies in Canberra, Australia, where the design of the water bodies for urban recreation encompass ideas of sustainable design, combined with an appreciation of the heritage of Indian design, are used for the river corridor development at Pune. The proposed development of the river corridor to include parkland is designed to provide a recreational open space for the community as well as improve the overall health and management of the Mutha River corridor. The proposal will also try and achieve long-term sustainability of the river. The design considers hydrological, morphological, ecological, water quality, aesthetic, vegetation, recreation and cultural issues. A more naturalistic channel as an alternative to a hard engineering solution is proposed. It provides protection from flood and erosion hazards, addresses social concerns like environment and health, and provides a more attractive landscape in the high-density section of the city
    Date of Award2000
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorDianne Firth (Supervisor)

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